Veri-Com has exited the BEE verification industry and no longer offers verification services

Our SANAS Accreditation expired on 14 June 2017 and the board decided not to apply for an extension, nor reapply for accreditation for verification services. We have completed all contracted verifications and our clients have been taken care of.

All staff have been re-employed in the consulting business of the Gestalt Group. We will be focusing on our core consulting business and many of our clients have already achieved great scorecard improvements under the Amended BEE Codes.

Our team will continue to contribute to the vital issue of Economic Empowerment and transformation in the Gestalt Group, and will continue to provide a range of services that assist our clients to create strategies towards sustainable, authentic and compliant transformation.

Our services include:

  • Customised, Outcome-Based BEE Transformation & Compliance
  • B-BBEE Services in Strategy and Implementation Programmes
  • Executive Strategy Development
  • Impact Assessments of the Amended and Sector Codes
  • BEE Ownership Feasibility and Strategy
  • BEE Partner search, selection and investment
  • Integrated Programmes for HR, Skills-, Supplier-,
  • Enterprise & Socio-Economic Development

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